Sirsidynix Symphony Upgrade

Important Information for ALL libraries.

Sirsidynix Symphony Upgrade Information Form

     On Tuesday February 14th, 2017 beginning at 7:00 am, NCLS will be performing an upgrade to the Sirsidynix Symphony system. It is expected that the upgrade will be completed by the time libraries begin to open on Tuesday morning. For the hours in between, the Symphony system and the catalog will be unavailable to library staff and the public. This, of course, means that libraries will not be able to connect to the Symphony server with the Workflows client. 

    As we do with each upgrade, we will be asking the libraries for information to assist us. This year we have created a form for each library to complete that will give us the information we need to assure that the upgrade goes smoothly. The first thing we will need each library to do is to log into our website and complete the form here no later than Friday January 27th, 2017. It is necessary that you be logged in so we can keep track of who has completed the form.  If you are having any problems logging into our website, either click the "Request New Password" link or contact someone here at NCLS to help you. It is necessary that ALL libraries complete this form, as even non-automated libraries are using the symphony system for patron lookups, etc.  

   As we did with the last upgrade, we will be performing remote updates to your Workflows clients for any library that uses our Webroot antivirus software. This time you will only need to leave your PC's and laptops that need the workflows upgrade turned on and connected to the internet.  For laptops, make sure you can open the browser and go to our website to be sure it is online.  To clarify, these will need to be turned on before 7:00 am on Tuesday the 14th.  If you are not going to be there to turn them on, make sure they are left on from the prior day or the last day you were open.  They do not need to be logged in as the staff or exec user, they just need to be on.

    On Tuesday February 14th, staff here at NCLS will begin calling each library that is open on Tuesday. Once we confirm your workflows clients have been successfully updated, you will be ok to log into workflows.  A schedule will be set up here to assure that each library is contacted the next time you are scheduled to open post-upgrade. Please see that your library hours that are listed on our website are correct, as that is the schedule that we will be working from.

   If the Workflows client successfully upgrades the icon will change from:     to the new icon: .

Once you have confirmed this change for each of your workflows workstations, we will reopen your access to the Symphony server.  If for some reason your workstation is not showing the correct icon, note which computer it is by name and contact NCLS.