School Ballot Toolkit

NCLS Consultants are experts when it comes to school ballot referendums.  We have helped dozens and dozens of libraries get their votes passed.  We attend school board meetings, design flyers, help with publicity and press releases, and help explain Education Law §259 (the law that enables libraries to place funding referendums on school district ballots) to school superintendents, boards, and community members.

Since 1995, member libraries have placed 149 school ballot referendums and have passed 144 of those, which represents a 97% success rate for our system.  Of the five failed referendums, three of those were placed on the ballot the following year and passed. 

Click HERE to view a 10 year history of school ballot funding.

Click HERE to view the most recent school ballot vote results in NCLS

For a solid introduction, read our 'School Ballot Toolkit' which includes a suggested timeline, steps involved, FAQ's, and campaign advice.