RA Genre Study

Readers Advisory is a core service of public libraries, regardless of size. Patrons have a diversity of reading interests, but it’s difficult for any one library worker to be an expert in every genre. Maybe you’re strong in mysteries but know nothing about westerns. Or perhaps your romance game is right on, but you could use a little help with sci-fi? Luckily, there are experts in our system in every genre; the trick is knowing who they are and finding time to pick their brains. NCLS presents a series of genre discussions designed to strengthen your knowledge of different genres, subgenres, popular authors, and those who are a little further under the radar. The notes from these discussions are presented here.

For more information on genre, check out this NoveList Genre Guide!

December 17, 2019: Amish (Michelle McLagan, presenter)

Slides: Amish

December 18, 2018: Young Adult and New Adult (Katie Male-Riordan, presenter)

Slides: Young Adult and New Adult

Young Adult Book List

Review resource to know: School Library Journal

May 15, 2018: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Kristy Perry, presenter)

Slides: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Speculative Fiction - Authors and Works to Know

Website to know: Unbound Worlds

January 16, 2018: Horror (Linda Adams, presenter)

Slides: The Horror Genre

Linda's List of Terror

Blog to know: RA for All - Horror