Non-automated Library Reporting

Non-automated libraries have a few options for gathering and storing information until the NYS software, Bibliostat, is available for libraries to complete their reporting to the State.  Some libraries have chosen to enter their data through out the year using the Google Sheet for Non-Automated Libraries created by NCLS (this spreadsheet will not contain any new questions or numbering changes from DLD so pay close attention when entering this data into Bibliostat to make sure you are entering data into the correct category).  Other libraries have created their own spreadsheets or maintain paper copies of their data.   Please contact Dawn Vincent if your library is interested in using the Google Sheet for Non-Automated Libraries.

Please refer to the tutorials and other resources below to assist you in the preparation of your Annual Report.


Documents from the Division of Library Development


Changes to the Annual Report (Outline of Major Changes) - 01/04/2019

NYS Charter Actions - 01/09/2019

NYS Annual Report Instructions - 01/17/2019


Tutorial for Bibliostat Collect, the NYS annual report database

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding using Bibliostat Collect

Link to Bibliostat Collect Log-in


Statistics and Data

Overdrive Statistics (eBook, Audiobook, and eMagazines) - NON-Automated Libraries Only - 01/11/2019

Successful Retrieval of Electronic Information (Ancestry Statistics)  - 01/17/2019

Annual Visits to the Library's Website

Library Broadband Speeds and E-Rate Chart - 01/17/2019


Funding Charts:    01/11/2019

Jefferson County 

Lewis County

Oswego County

St. Lawrence County

Libraries with a Different Reporting Year

Ballot Funding (2007-2018) - 01/07/2019

DueNorth Stats - 01/03/2019


Tips, Tools, and Tutorials

Introduction to the NYS Annual Report - a brief description of the sections and data contained in each section of the Annual Report

Financial Guide - a one-page resource to what gets counted where in the financial section of the Annual Report - 01/04/2019

Changing Quickbooks Reports from Accrual to Cash