JAB - Joint Automation Board (Automated Libraries User Group)

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Next JAB meeting Nov 29, 2017 

      Bylaws(6/2013)                              Circulation System Standards (06/2015)

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JAB Committees

Circulation members are: Dorothy Dineen (MEX-Spokesperson), Ceil Cunningham (ALB), Amanda Jones (NOW), Michelle McLagan (LIS), Beverly Ripka (WMT), Eileen Mathys (CRO), Julie Gomez (MAD), Sharon Buckley (WAT).

Cataloging/Barcoding members are: Carole Berard (CAN-Spokesperson), Jo-Ellen Murray (OGD), Linda Adams (GOU), Patty Fay (WAT), Vicky Crossway (WAT), Julie Gomez (MAD).

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