Incentive Grant 2019

Talking is Teaching Kickoff Event

The purpose of the Incentive Grant is to highlight important issues in library service and to encourage libraries to improve and excel in these areas. The Incentive Grant changes from year to year to allow NCLS to focus on vital areas of library service that are important to you.

This year’s grant will combine two essential elements of public librarianship – early literacy and community partnerships – during one kickoff event that launches the Talking is Teaching campaign at your library.

Early Literacy

Reading is an essential skill for school success, and early literacy skills are the building blocks that children need to get ready to read. With strong early literacy skills, children are more likely to be ready for kindergarten and to read proficiently by the end of third grade – a critical turning point in school when children shift from learning to read toward reading to learn. Libraries can play a critical role in the development of early literacy skills by encouraging parents and caregivers to talk, read, and sing with their children.

“Many parents may not realize how important it is to talk, read and sing with their young children and the power they have to boost their children’s early brain and language development. A simple conversation with a trusted messenger (like you!) can make all the difference in raising parents’ awareness and providing them with the information and resources they need to help get their children ready for success in school and in life.”  --Talking is Teaching

Community Partnerships

“Twenty-first century libraries recognize that collaboration and partnerships with other organizations such as local school districts, museums, historical societies, institutions of higher education, governmental agencies, and local community groups are critical foundations for long-term sustainability and community impact.” – NYS Division of Library Development

Project Description

Grant recipients will host one community event launching the Talking is Teaching campaign, an early literacy initiative that communicates to parents and caregivers that talking, reading, and singing with their children helps to build early literacy skills.

Talking is Teaching kickoff events must be held between May 1 and October 1, 2019, and libraries must partner with at least one local organization that can help maximize the impact of early literacy in your community.

NCLS will award 20 libraries $500 to use toward their kickoff event, to be used on giveaway books, refreshments, entertainment, and/or materials that support family engagement inside or outside of the library. If you have any questions about what qualifies as a grant expenditure, please contact Angela Newman.  

Additionally, NCLS will provide promotional items branded with the Talking is Teaching logos and artwork, as well as a 6’ table with tablecloth, and, if available, the NCLS Bike Branch. NCLS will also provide at least one staff member to assist with your event.

Participating libraries will provide a copy of the invoice(s) for what is purchased with grant funds.

Deadline for applications is Friday March 29, 2019. Download the application here. Applications should be submitted to Angela Newman at Please use the subject heading Incentive Grant 2019 on your email.  Final documentation should be sent by Friday, November 29, 2019.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your consultant with questions.


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