Incentive Grant 2018

The purpose of the Incentive Grant is to highlight important issues in library service and to encourage libraries to improve and excel in these areas. The Incentive Grant changes from year to year to allow NCLS to focus on vital areas of library service that are important to you.

This year’s grant will follow a slightly different format in that libraries will apply to participate in the project, and then work with NCLS to complete the following components:


Weeding is a vital part of collection maintenance that helps boost circulation, makes browsing easier, and ensures that your library will have space for new materials. Weeding outdated materials is a task that should be done on a regular basis to keep your collection relevant, useful, and attractive.

Participating libraries will schedule one full day’s weeding assistance with NCLS. Visits must be held by Friday, October 26. (NCLS will provide disposal services through a new recycling program. Details to be announced soon!)


According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, “The act of borrowing printed books is still by far the most popular activity at libraries, even compared with using computers.”  Regularly adding new print materials to the library collection is essential to providing this core service.

NCLS will award a minimum of $500 toward the purchase of new materials once the weeding visit has been completed.  (Resources on best practices for collection development are also available.)

Participating libraries will provide the following supporting documents:

•    A copy of the invoice(s) for what is purchased with grant funds
•    A board-approved collection development policy


Clear and accurate signage is an important part of helping patrons navigate library collections – especially those patrons who may be first-time visitors to your building or unfamiliar with libraries in general.

NCLS will provide design and printing services for libraries who request assistance. Questions about this section can be directed to Matt Corey at

Deadline for applications is Friday March 9, 2018. Download the application here. Applications should be submitted to Angela Newman at Please use the subject heading Incentive Grant 2018 on your email.  Final documentation should be sent by Friday, November 30, 2018. (A PDF of this grant can be found here.)

Please don’t hesitate to contact your consultant with questions.


Grants Terms: