Google Drive for Annual Report


The North Country Library System has done its best to streamline the annual reporting process.  Many parts of the NYS Annual Report are now completed for libraries by pulling information NCLS staff or Member Libraries have entered into the NCLS web site.

This information is pulled and stored in a Google Sheet until the NYS software, Bibliostat, is available for libraries to complete their reporting to the State.

Let's take a look at how to use Google Drive to make reporting your annual data much easier!

1. Log in to your NCLS Email Account
2. Click the small ‘grid’ icon in the upper right, and select "Drive."

3. Navigate to your Annual Report folder:

  • If you've previously worked on the Annual Report Google Sheet, then it may be in your Drive already, "My Drive". It would show as a folder on the main screen of your drive.
  • If not there, it may appear under "SHARED WITH ME" on the left hand side of your Drive.
  • Double click the Annual Report sheet within that folder (ex. 2019 - ADM - Annual Report)
  • Ask Matt or Dawn if you need help!

4. Once the Google Sheet is open (it will look like an Excel spreadsheet), select Actions from the top menu, and then select Load Annual Report.

The first time you load, you will need to authorize. Choose CONTINUE then ACCEPT.

This process may take several minutes. Be patient! It will let you know when it’s finished.

5. Like an Excel Spreadsheet, there are ‘worksheets’ at the bottom for each part of the Annual Report. Click on each worksheet tab to navigate between the parts of the Annual Report.

6.We have done our best to complete Parts 1 through 10 with both data we collected and data you have entered into our website.  There will be several questions in each section that you will need to answer, indicated by this color. Once data has been entered, the color will disappear on most.

  • Questions require you to enter text, numbers, or select an option from a drop down menu (indicated by the small triangle: ). 

7. The financial sections of the Annual Report (Parts 11-14) are contained in a separate spreadsheet (ex. 2015 - ADM - Annual Report Financials). The financial spreadsheet contains two different colored tabs at the bottom: the RED tabs are for data entry, the regular tabs reflect the Annual Report Format. Please ask Dawn or Matt if you have any questions or need help!

Downloading Your Final Report

Your Google Sheets can be downloaded in many popular formats.

  • Click on File in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Hover over Download as and select the desired file type.  The preferred file type by most people is Excel and PDF.

Tips about Google Sheets

  • Navigate through the workbook by clicking on the "tabs" at the bottom.
  • Sheets will automatically save every change.  There is no need to manually "Save" before you close your browser.
  • Click on File in the upper left corner of the screen.  Then, click on See Revision History to see all the automatic saves and return to a previous version of the document.
  • Did you add more content like Library Visits, Programs, or Reference Transactions on the  You can reload the information into your spreadsheet by clicking Actions at the top and Load Annual Report again.  This will not affect any information you put in manually (such as in the plus, minus or NOTES cells).