Everyday Advocacy

Keeping your legislators informed about all the good work your library is doing isn't just a once a year endeavor; it's something you can do all year round!

Here's a low-cost activity for Valentine's Day: Provide paper hearts throughout the library (circulation desk, public seating areas, etc.) printed with the phrase, "I love my library because ___________." Have patrons fill in the blanks, and then gather up the lot and send them to your municipal board, your county legislator - wherever they will do the most good. Include a note of thanks for the recipients' support, and invite them to your next library function!

Printable templates are easy to find online, or you could borrow AccuCut dies from NCLS. (Or totally freestyle it with construction paper and doilies. If you have a crafty teen group, or particularly creative volunteers, this is a great project for them!)