DVD / CD Cleaning

DVD and CD Cleaning

NCLS offers DVD and CD cleaning for any discs that are skipping, or may not be playable. By using a CD buffer, some minor scratches will be buffed away.

It is unnecessary to specify disc or track number when sending the item in. The whole disc is cleaned. Any accompanying discs are cleaned as well.

Any discs that are broken, cracked, gouged, chipped, etc. are unsalvageable and can not be repaired.

We will clean:             DVDs
                                  Games (on disc)
We do NOT clean:      Cassette Tapes
                                  VHS Tapes

We do not have a method to verify with 100 percent accuracy that a reparied disc contains no skips. We cannot listen to or watch the repaired discs because we process several thousand each year. If you find that a disc still contains skips, please feel free to send it in and give it a second try. Sometimes it works, other times you'll just have to replace the disc.

How do you get the item here?
  1. Check the item out to “NCLSREPAIR”.
  1. Mark the item for delivery using a flag and boldly print the information: “Attn: Lee” or  “NCLS Repair”