Carousel for Library Websites

     Automated Libraries can create a carousel on their websites by embedding an iframe in a page and selecting the appropriate Item Category 1 type when modifying an item in Workflows.  There are 5 possible Item Category 1 types:


     To create your list, modify your item records and select one of these types and save the record.  This will allow you to create up to 5 different lists that can appear in "Carousel" widgets on your various web pages by embedding an iframe in the page with the following code:

     Notice the name carousel4.php in the src of the Iframe.  There are two optional carousels available.  carousel4.php will display 4 items across, and carousel3.php will display 3 items across. 

     <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: center"><span style="FONT-SIZE: large"><big>Whatever you want to call your list here.</big></span></p> <p align="center"><iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="180" scrolling="no" width="515"></iframe></p>  

     Where LIST1 is the list number you are using, you may have more than one, and LIBRARY is your library code in SIRSI.  

                                  (refer to an item record for the correct library name used by the circulation system)

Example:   Click here for source code example

     This will display all items with "LIST1" for Itemcat1 and "NCLS" for library in the item record.

This widget will use the first ISBN or UPC code number on the marc record to get the cover art from Syndetics and when you click on a picture it will open a new window and display the Bibliographic record in the Enterprise catalog.  If Syndetics does not have any cover art for the item, it will not appear in the carousel. 

     Be sure that you are editing and tagging only items that your library owns. If your item is not appearing, contact Tech-Services with the title information, ISBN, UPC, etc. so they can research the problem.

     For your carousel to scroll you need to have more than 4 items and the limit by default is set to 20.  If you need more than 20 items in your list contact Steve Gaines

     Some examples of lists are: Reading club titles, Director's picks, new DVD's,  etc.