Book Club in a Bag

Does your library have a book club? Looking to start one? Let the North Country Library System provide you with everything your book club needs for your next discussion!

NCLS loans books exclusively for local book clubs to use for their discussions. Books are checked out in a sturdy canvas bag containing 12 paperback copies of each title and a printed list of discussion questions. Each bag is checked out as a single item with multiple pieces, so the patron checking out the bag is responsible for all pieces being returned. Library staff should count all pieces at check-in and check-out.

Book-Club-In-A-Bag kits can be checked out for six weeks, and they can be picked up and returned at any NCLS member library.  Please make sure books are returned together with the bag, not separately.

Sign-out sheet for patrons

Questions about the program or suggestions for future titles can be sent to Angela Newman via e-mail at

If your library is interested in donating materials to this program, please contact NCLS.