2020 Census

The United States Constitution requires a count every 10 years of every person who is residing in the U.S., regardless of immigration status or citizenship. The Census Bureau's goal for the 2020 Census is to "count everyone once, only once, and in the right place."

For the first time, the Census Bureau will promote online response as the preferred method. As libraries know, many community members depend on the library for both Internet and public computer access. Additionally, community members may rely on both technical assistance and other assistance with completing the Census. 

As trusted messengers in the community, libraries will also play a role in informing people about the Census, including hard-to-count populations. This is especially true of misinformation and scams emulating the Census, for which the Census Bureau has provided safety tips.

2020 Census Sample Questionnaire



Census 2020 North Country Libraries (also contains demographic information by county)

LibGuide: Census 2020 for New York Libraries

Community Outreach Toolkit

ALA Libraries Guide to the 2020 Census

ALA Census website

Census Hard to Count Map


  • No SSN is required to complete the census. No Credit Card information is ever asked.
  • The Census is expected to take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • The Census will ask about relationships to others being counted within the household. For the first time, the census will have same-sex relationship options.
  • There are no questions about guns.
  • Information on individuals is strictly not shared with other government departments.
  • Everyone at the address should be counted. For instance, if children are staying with grandma, she counts them because they reside there.
  • There is no citizenship question.
  • If someone is homeless, they can still complete the Census. They may select 'other address' which only requires city/county, and not an official address.
  • The paper questionnaire will be bilingual (English and Spanish). Online there will be more language options.