"Living Library" in Canton this Weekend

If you're in the Canton area this Saturday, April 18th between 10am-2pm, please stop by Canton Free Library's "Living Library"! 

The people available for "checkout" on Saturday include: 
-Assemblywoman Addie Russell, for an inside look at life in NY government;
-A martial artist and English teacher who struck up a letter-writing friendship with sci-fi author Ray Bradbury;
-Two Vietnam veterans who fell in love at Walter Reed Army Hospital;
-A wildlife biologist and professional ice carver who's also worked security for B.B. King and Ozzy Osbourne;
-A linguist, author and expert on the local Amish population;
-An agriculture consultant who works in Africa and Asia to help communities build sustainable food sources;
-The founder of Traditional Arts in Upstate New York (TAUNY), an organization dedicated to preserving folk arts and traditions in our region.

These amazing folks will be available for 20-minute conversations all day on Saturday, and CFL will have refreshments and time for visitors to chat as well.

State Library Aid Increased by $5M

Good news from Albany on the state budget: aid for libraries was increased by $5 million, from $86.6 million to $91.6 million (5.8%). The $14 million for public library construction grants was again included in the budget.

Thanks to everyone who called, emailed or traveled to remind our legislators about the value that libraries bring to their communities, and how state aid helps libraries with their mission to serve all people.  Your hard work and perseverance has led to this wonderful outcome.


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