"In Praise of Libraries"

In the latest issue of The Rotarian, Joe Queenan writes a great article called, "In Praise of Libraries." 

"Small towns can do without movie houses and fancy restaurants and stores that sell 50 kinds of balsamic vinegar. They can even do without bookstores. But small towns cannot do without a public library. "

Read the full article.

Library Trustee Association features NCLS

The Library Trustees Association, LTA for short, is featuring the North Country Library System on their website. The feature includes a brief history of the North Country Library System and what makes us unique.

To read the full article, you can check out their website

Norwood Wellness Fair

If you're working in a library staffed by only one or two people (as many of the libraries in our system are), it can be hard to get out of the building and into the community. However, when you're able to do it, it really pays off. Rebecca Donnelly of the Norwood Public Library talks about her library's role in organizing a community wellness fair.


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