RA for your Friday 3/20/20

First things first. This has been an unpredictable week that has moved at a whitewater pace, and I just want to congratulate everyone for their extraordinary grace under pressure. It's not easy to make decisions in the face of the unprecedented, but everything I've seen from our libraries has shown both a commitment to public health and a lightning-speed adaptability. Whether you're live-streaming your storytime or serving as a trusted source of online information, you're librarianing* at 110% and I'm honored to work with you.

Youth Services Roundup - Summer Reading Recap


We had a great turnout for our summer reading workshop last week - not to mention good discussions, superlative crafts, and useful tools to help make this summer a success. The slides and handouts are now available on the NCLS website. Thanks to everyone who came out, to our excellent guest presenters, and of course, to the weather for cooperating. :)



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