Youth Services Roundup - All summer, all the time!



The program calendar for the summer reading collaborative is up and waiting for your events! Add your online summer programs using this form, which lives on the staff guide, along with some handy FAQs.


From the My Library Is blog: "During one of the many hours I spend online during the quarantine, I saw a short video, posted by a library in Nebraska, about a sidewalk obstacle course they had made.  I did some quick research and discovered that sidewalk obstacle courses are easy and inexpensive to do.  They drive patrons to the library, encourage patron engagement, and they promote activity and movement at the library.  I did a quick proposal to our director and included the video.  Our sidewalk obstacle course was going to happen!"


From the ALSC blog: "I used to be good at Reader’s Advisory. A child or caregiver approached the desk, they asked me for book ideas, and I gave them great books. End of transaction. Everybody walks away happy. Now, with my library closed and our school district’s kids home at least through the summer, we’re working on a mix of old and new strategies to help kids and families find the right books for them..."


The Youth Services Shout-Out blog showcases a different kind of storywalk - one that encourages collaboration with local businesses.

Youth Services: