Youth Services Roundup 8/8/19



From Jbrary: "You’ve got your books. You’ve picked the songs you want to sing. You’ve considered how to incorporate visual aids like felt stories and puppets. Now how do you put it all together?"


From the ALSC blog: "I have recently learned the joys of stomp rockets, these super simple launching devices can lead to tons of scientific exploration and can be made for less than $2!"


From Teen Services Underground: "August can be a stressful month for teens—they’re getting ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year, or maybe they’re starting at a brand new school. What better way to make them smile and brighten up their mood than with some Read-A-Romance Month book recommendations?"


From Programming Librarian: "Have you read my recent post on job burnout yet? After I wrote it, a lot of you reached out to me to learn more about the resources I use to relight the fire of my passion for programming. There are so many amazing blogs, websites and webinars out there that it can be hard to know where to start. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites..."

Youth Services: