Youth Services Roundup 5/13/19



We have a winner! Or to be specific, many winners! What I didn't mention about our shaker egg giveaway was that I had TEN sets of 12 to give, if you are HAR, WAT, CAR, PUL, CAN, PHE, OSC, PAR, THE, or LaFargeville Central School, look for a set of shaker eggs in your next delivery!


So, NASA has a selfie app. It's free, and it's a hoot. From Youth Services Shout-Out: "There's currently over 30 different background options--and a random button, if you just can't choose and/or want to be surprised!  The app also includes a bit of information about your selected interstellar background. How fun would this be for the summer?!  I think patrons of all ages will get a kick out of the chance to send themselves on a galactic adventure, right from their handheld device..."


From 5-Minute Librarian: "Does your arts and crafts program need a makeover? There is absolutely value, for all ages, in following directions to create a piece with one's own hands that looks exactly like it's supposed to. There is also value in the act of creation, experimenting with new media, practicing with new tools, and not worrying about the end product. Enter process art..."


Summer is (allegedly) right around the corner, so if you find that you need additional summer reading posters or bookmarks, just drop me an e-mail and I'll send them in your next delivery.



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