Youth Services Roundup 4/2/20


This is going to be a longer roundup than usual, but there's more to share than usual. I want to start with this important reminder that was posted on the ALSC blog last week:

"It’s OK to not do anything, it’s OK to try to do everything, it’s OK to do a little bit of both. Find your “new normal” and see what works. Not every library has the capacity for digital story times, some people have families they need to take care of, others might be simply overwhelmed by the magnitude of everything. For others, there may be a sense of balance in work, and it can be soothing to have a taste of normalcy. Now is the time to simply do your best and do what feels right for you. Because these are unprecedented times and we are all in this together."


If your library is offering online programming - storytimes, craft programs, book club, etc. - and you're not already listed in the virtual branch directory, please send me a link to your online programming page or submit your programming information through this form so that I can add you.

If you're interested in offering an online storytime and have questions, the best place to start is by reading this post over at the Youth Services Shout-Out blog, which is not only an excellent pep talk, but also includes a bevy of tips and programming resources at the bottom.


For those of you looking for early literacy resources to share with your families, don't forget about all the great content over on North Country Talking is Teaching! I've also posted a shared folder on the NCLS website that has the Family Staycation Toolkit and all of the Talking is Teaching STEM handouts. Share them as they are, or use them as weekly tips.


Hunger Solutions: For the 2.2 million people living in NY households that struggle against hunger, COVID-19 presents unique challenges. Get updates here.

READsquared: The state library is encouraging libraries to use READsquared to supplement their online programming during COVID-19 closures.

NYS Parent Portal: The NYS Parent Portal has resources for families, including information on mental health and self-care.


If your library is waiting for materials you've ordered from CSLP, this announcement is for you:

Due to the unprecedented number of library closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CSLP will be placing all orders on temporary hold until further notice.
To receive your order before the hold is lifted, you will need to send one of the following to:

    Confirmation that your library is able to receive packages at the address provided in the original order
    Provide an alternate address (such as a residential address) where your order can be shipped
    Indicate that you would like to have your order held at a local UPS depot for pick up

Libraries who do not respond will not receive their orders until routine shipping resumes; to be determined.


Finally, in case you missed it, the YSS Spring Conference planned for May 15 in Clayton has been postponed to May 21, 2021. I'll send updates when I have them.

Youth Services: