Youth Services Roundup 4/11/19



From the ASLC blog: "Spring is here! Prior to the start of Summer Reading Club, spring is typically filled with planning for the busy summer months. However, this season also allows us time to evaluate existing library partnerships and motivation to create new meaningful connections in the community..."


You can help your youngest patrons build their home libraries by giving away books as prizes during summer reading this year. Check out Scholastic's Family and Community Engagement program for more information.


From WPBS: "Regents Review 2.0 is a series of test-prep programs for high school students planning to take NYS Regents Exams in June. Regents Review 2.0 is hosted by master teachers, the shows are presented in a lively format and targeted primarily to high school students in grades 9-12." The series begins Monday, May 6. For more information and the complete schedule, visit the WPBS website.


From Teen Services Underground: "If, like me, you live in NY state, then you may be aware that a law just passed making single use plastic bags illegal. This means we have to bring our own bags when we go to stores. Even if you don’t live in NY or someplace where this law (or a similar one) exists, you may want to consider this craft for your teens. After all, who doesn’t love an adorable tote?"

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