Youth Services Roundup 2/28/17



From Teen Services Underground: "How does your library promote its online databases, content services, and educational offerings like classes and test prep programs? Most of the time it’s just a link on the website, and maybe a brochure or bookmark sitting on a desk somewhere. For teens to really benefit from these resources we have to go a step further and do some targeted marketing..."


From A Fuse #8 Production: "Folks still acknowledge the importance of making kids guffaw.  Here then is a brief smattering of some of the 2017 picture books this year that have made ME embarrass myself in my workplace lunchroom by laughing too loudly.  Humor being as subjective as it is, I can’t say that these are all the funny picture books of the year so far.  Of course not.  But at least you could consider them a good place to start..."


From Teen Services Underground: "Let your teens bring out their inner Sid by giving them permission to do something they’ve always wanted to do: take apart their old toys and put them back together in different combinations..."


When We Were Alone, by David Robertson. From Kirkus: "In this illustrated book for children ages 4 to 8, a curious girl learns about how her grandmother held on to cultural touchstones when she was a child at a Native American residential school...Spare, poetic, and moving, this Cree heritage story makes a powerful impression." Out March 1!

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