Youth Services Roundup 12/4



Betsy Bird has brought back the 31 Days, 31 Lists feature on her blog, and today's list of Picture Book Read-Alouds is perfect for all you storytime providers out there. (Want more? Scroll to the bottom for past and upcoming lists.)


Tis the season to be crafty, so check out this roundup of seasonal crafts for all ages from the 5-Minute Librarian.


From the ALSC blog: "How is your Children’s Room looking lately? Is it appealing to the eye, inviting guests to explore? Does it feel innovative, educational and yet playful? If you don’t happen to have a huge budget but are looking for a quick way to add some flair in the Children’s Room, try a flannel wall!"


From Book Riot: "With new Star Wars films coming out every year, a new Star Trek series on the air, and no end in sight of science-based speculative books and films like The Martian, Arrival, Interstellar, and the upcoming Annihilation, it’s no surprise that more and more YA sci-fi books feature teens in spacesuits. Each of these recent titles takes place in either in an alternate present or the near future, exploring what life might really be like for a teen today to wind up in outer space..."



Youth Services: