Youth Services Roundup 1/15/20



From the ALSC blog: "Did you know children under age 5 were the most undercounted age group in the 2010 Census? More than 2 million estimated to have been missed. When young kids are missed in the Census, their communities lose needed funding for schools, libraries, children’s health insurance, and other critical programs. The 2020 Census results will determine how more than $800 billion in federal funding is allocated each year to states and communities for programs like Head Start, WIC, and school lunch. And the effects of the 2020 Census will last for a decade. For young children, this is nearly their entire childhood... Check out ALA’s new tip-sheet for all the ways libraries can help count all kids in the Census 2020, and add your suggestions to the discussion online using the hashtag #CountOnLibraries."


From the 5-Minute Librarian: "Libraries have a plethora of ideas for presenting Summer Reading and incentives that include (but are certainly not limited to) drawings, scratch tickets, BINGO cards, and more with prizes ranging from tiny trinkets to big bucks.  After seeing (and trying) a few things, I began to think of what method might best suit our community, budget, and goals.  And that’s where Read & Bead comes in! In the summer of 2015 we initiated the Read & Bead Club, a primarily prizeless version of summer reading incentives.  As years have passed, the program has not only gained popularity in our library, but has spread and been successful in libraries all across the continent!  With some preparation, staff training, and a few purchases you can implement Read & Bead at your own library..."


The ALSC Youth Media Awards will be announced on Monday, January 27, and youth literature enthusiasts across the country have been hosting their own mock discussions of potential award winners. (Results here!) I participated in my first mock Caldecott discussion last week, and not only was it a great way for me to keep up to date with picture books (something I'm not always good at...), but it was also just a rollicking good time talking books with colleagues! Does anyone do a mock Newbery (or Caldecott or Sibert or CSK) discussion at your library? What are your picks for this year?


Nonfiction books for ages 10-18 typically don't get the same kind of buzz as fiction does. Luckily, the Stacked blog is here with a look at nonfiction books coming out in the early part of 2020. Check it out!

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