RA for your Tuesday 9/3/19


It's fall, it's fall, it's fall! I saw orange leaves on the ground and the pumpkin spice is back in everyone's coffee! Let's put the kettle on and take a look at some fall previews, shall we?

We've got the most anticipated books of the season lists from BuzzFeed, Entertainment Weekly, io9, People, Time, and Vogue. They are fiction and non, literary heavy hitters, long-awaited sequels, and shiny debuts. Your patrons will be hearing about these books, so if you can't fit them all on your shelves, at least make sure they're on your radar...

It's also a new month, which brings with it new lists. Here are September picks from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Entertainment Weekly, and Library Journal. In genre news, we've got romance picks from SBTB, mysteries from Barnes and Noble, crime fiction from CrimeReads, and sci-fi and fantasy picks from Tor.

I'm in the weird and quite rare state of not being in the middle of any books, not even one. I finished up The Bookish Life of Nina Hill last night (more stories about trivia enthusiasts, please!), and that was the only book I was reading, so now there is nothing. And by nothing, I mean, I do have three library books on my nightstand, just waiting for me to crack one of them open. Maybe I'll start one of those tonight. Or maybe I'll just take a well-timed breather. Happy reading/not reading!