RA for your Thursday 2/1/18


I'll be on the road all day tomorrow, but since it's a brand new month, I couldn't leave you without a whole bunch of brand new lists, could I? Let's dive into February already!

Book Riot has Must-Read Febuary Releases, Lit Hub recommends 17 Books You Should Read This February, The Millions shares their February Most Anticipated list, and SBTB shares the February New Releases they're excited about. Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble has a slew of lists for February, including, Best Fiction, Best Mysteries, Best Thrillers, Best History Books, and Best Biographies and Memoirs.

The Booklist Reader is putting a Spotlight on Diverse Books, and the RA for All blog is here with an important word about diversifying your readalikes.

In bookish news, Killers of the Flower Moon has just been named as the next pick for PBS News Hour's Now Read This book club, and the National Book Foundation has added a fifth category to their awards for fiction and nonfiction translated into English.

For you podcast listeners and/or romance fans out there, Book Riot has launched a new one called When in Romance.

Library Journal's Neal Wyatt has a feature called Readers' Advisory Crossroads, "in which books, movies, music, and other media converge and whole-collection RA service goes where it may." I love this approach to RA service, because it starts with a particular title and shows the pathways you can take beyond straight-up readalikes while recommending related items. Check out her most recent one, which starts with Lonely Planet's Discover Paris 2018, to see what I mean.

These e-mails usually focus on helping readers through buying and recommending titles, but another way to help readers is to make sure your collection stays shiny and accurate and relevant. And yes, I'm talking about my favorite - second only to buying - good ol' weeding. The 5-Minute Librarian takes a look at the two sections we're most likely to give a pass to while weeding - cookbooks and craft books.

Of course, the best way to get great at weeding is to do it, and NCLS is offering two opportunities on that front. First, you can join us at Theresa Free Library on February 6 or Central Square Library on February 23 and help them Spring Clean their Collection. Or, you can apply for the 2018 Incentive Grant and get one-on-one assistance from me, your very own weeding fairy!

Finally, #FridayReads: Still in a bit of a slump, though I did plow through that gardening book last weekend. (Pun not intended, but I like it, so I'll leave it.) Happy reading!