RA for your Holiday Weekend!


I'm not going to be in the office tomorrow - and for a few days after that - so I figured I should get all the RA news in today, before I settle in for a long weekend of reading and avoiding yard work. Let's do this thing!

In case anyone doubts that it is officially Summer Reading (if not Actual Summer), we've got lists for beach reads from Oprah Magazine, Book Riot, and Good Housekeeping! Bill Gates shares his summer reading picks! Bustle has 25 New Short Story Collections for you to stuff into your suitcase before you head out of town!

Game of Thrones may be over, but expect patrons to show interest in going back to the source material and looking for readalikes. The internet is awash is these lists - here are just a few from Electric Lit, Lit Hub, Shondaland, and the New York Times. Book Riot even has a list for those who didn't watch GoT. For a word on why keeping up with pop culture is important - and a tip on one of the best tools with which to do so - is Becky Spratford from the RA for All blog: 

"In our jobs the most important thing we can do to help our patrons as they come to the library for their leisure needs is to know what is popular and why. This is the entire mission of Entertainment Weekly... Allowing staff to talk about pop culture things and relate them to our collections is an advertisement for the fact that we know about what is popular and promotes that we are willing to help our patrons make those connections though our collections. This is what we do and EW is a resource that can help us do it better."

BookExpo is coming up and you can get their galley guide here - use it to make a shopping list of upcoming titles or to see what's trending. For an abbreviated look at some buzzworthy upcoming reads, check out this post from Goodreads.

In awards news, the Nebulas have been announced, as well as the Man Booker International Prize.

In case you missed it, WPBS is producing a documentary featuring state and provincial parks in our area called Park It! Explore the Outdoors, and they're looking for a librarian-curated reading list of fiction and nonfiction for all ages with a theme of nature/the outdoors/parks. You still have time to contribute to the Park It! reading list - the deadline is next Friday, May 31.

Finally, #FridayReads: I've been finishing up my books in progress and waiting for something new and wonderful to fall into my lap, but in the meantime, I've been hooked by Victoriocity, a podcast that checks every box for me - comedy, mystery, mad science, and Victorian London. Happy reading/listening!