RA for your Friday 9/21/18


Just as my weeding visits come to an end, Book Riot comes out with this blog post about how libraries must weed. ("Just because it smells moldy does not mean it’s a classic!") Not only that, but the author goes on to make the connection between collection development and RA, reminding us that selecting titles that contribute to a balanced and diverse collection (the ones that tend to fly under the radar a bit) isn't enough - we have to actively promote them through displays and booktalking. Remember, not everyone likes the wildly popular authors, and even those who do like a change every now and then.

More fall lists this week, including these from The Guardian, the LA Times, and Vanity Fair, and Lit Hub continues its focus on fall nonfiction with this list of upcoming history and biography releases.

In awards news, the Man Booker shortlist has been announced!

If you're looking for a display idea, why not create one based on a popular podcast? Barnes and Noble shows how it's done with this reading list based on Slate's Slow Burn podcast.

Hankering for a literary screen adaptation this fall? You'll have a lot to choose from.

Finally, #FridayReads: I have a shelf in my Goodreads called 'small bites' for when life is so busy that I can only commit to a page or two before the day catches up with me and I conk out. This week I've been reading Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret, which I can happily file there, and which has also brought me back for a rewatch of The Crown. (For when life is so busy I stay up late watching television instead of going to sleep...) Happy reading/viewing!