RA for your Friday 5/3/19


We have officially reached the part of spring where we are living in that Ray Bradbury story where it rains for years at a time. Even though the only thing I want to do in this weather is alternately sleep and take naps, there are a few things that can shake me out of this damp stupor, one of which is the prospect of new lists!

We've got best of May lists from Amazon, Lit Hub, The Millions, The Washington Post, Oprah Magazine, and the LA Times. (Want even more best of May lists? Check out this post and this post from Library Journal's Book Pulse!)

In genre news, we've got romance from SBTB, fantasy from Tor, and sci-fi from The Verge. And speaking of genre, here's a resource to know - the Genrify Blender! Here's how it works:

"The Blender is a tool meant to help readers find books that include more than one genre. Using the Blender is easy -- simply pick two or three genres you are interested in and click the "BLEND" button. Your results will include any title from the database that has the genres you selected. If you look at the results, you will notice that some genres will appear in ALL CAPS. This means that the genre is very prominent in the blend. Other genres might be listed in lowercase letters. This means that the genre is a part of the book, but not dominant in the story." Learn more here! (Hat tip to the RA for All blog for putting this on my radar.)

For all you crime fans out there, we've got fiction from CrimeReads, and Barnes and Noble has picks for the months best Mysteries and Thrillers. In other mystery-related news, the Edgars have been announced - what perfect timing to coincide with the beginning of Booklist's 10th Annual Mystery Showcase!

In other awards news, Indies Choice Book Awards and the E.B. White Read-Aloud Awards have been announced.

In nonfiction corner, we've got picks for the month's best Biographies/Memoirs and History/Current Affairs from Barnes & Noble, as well as narrative nonfiction recommendations for your book club from Penguin Random House.

Did someone say book club? (I know, it was me. I said it.) Daniel Mendelsohn’s An Odyssey is the May pick for the PBS NewsHour-New York Times book club, Now Read This.

And finally, #FridayReads: As though I'll be able to concentrate on anything the night before our amazing Regional Battle of the Books! Still, I expect that I'll have time over the weekend to crack open River of Teeth, a slim volume that falls into my own favorite genre blend - weird western. (Hashtag Brisco forever.) Happy reading!