RA for your Friday 5/31/19


I'm calling it - it's summer. Not because it's warm, because it most certainly is not, but because we are now basking in the glow of summer reading lists and news. This week, I'd like to kick off with one of these, a piece by The Washington Post on how to keep kids reading throughout the summer:

"Reading experts say that kids who can choose what to read in their out-of-school time are more likely to enjoy reading and ultimately become lifelong readers. So, just say yes to whatever books interest your children — even if you’d prefer to see them reading the latest Newbery Medal-winning novel instead of “how to” nonfiction books, graphic novels or formulaic series books."

But for kids who are looking for book recommendations, it's always good to have some at hand. Why not check out the 2019 ALSC reading lists?

Shifting over to grown-up reads, we've got summer reading lists from Entertainment Weekly, Time, Vulture, Wired, Shondaland, and the LA Times. For you genre fans, we've even got Best Summer Thrillers from Refinery29 and 21 New Rom-Coms from Bustle.

In other summer-related news, tomorrow is June! And even though you'll get tired of hearing me say it for the next four weeks, I will continue to say it - June is Audiobook Month! This week, we've got 40 Reader-Approved Audiobooks, Awesome Audiobooks for Families with Tweens and Teens, Kids' Audiobooks that Highlight STEM Skills, and even 10 Must-Listen Audiobooks for Wedding Season! And lest anyone forget, the SYNC program is still going strong, having just kicked off Week 6. As for me, I'll be checking out this list of radio drama-style fiction podcasts, because apparently, that is the thing that has been missing my whole life.

In display news, the RA for All blog puts a new spin on the traditional staff picks display by talking about a question posed on Twitter: "Which book would you like to go on a date with if it became a person?" Beyond the actual question (which I have already spent too much time thinking about...), it's the interactive nature that makes using a conversation starter as the inspiration for a display such a neat idea.

Finally #FridayReads: Gonna let serendipity take the wheel this weekend. Happy reading/listening!