RA for your Friday 5/15/20


Good news - it may have finally stopped snowing. Perfect timing, because the Publishers Weekly Summer Reads Guide is out! The RA for All blog reminds us why this is such a great resource:

"Click through, check out the upcoming titles, but also look back at older titles, read the annotations, check genres you love and those you don't normally read, especially those you don't normally read because you will learn much about the current state of that genre [trends, popular authors] this year and going back a few years. You can both get access to some great sure bet suggestions AND brush up on your genre knowledge all in one place."

The June LibraryReads and IndieNext lists are out, and in other June-related news... June is Audiobook Month! (Many things have changed, but my devotion to promoting this month-long celebration has not.) In preparation, don't forget to share the following e-resources with your audio-loving patrons:

(NCLS will be adding more simultaneous use audio for children and teens very soon. Stay tuned!)

Speaking of simultaneous use*, OverDrive announces another Big Library Read - The Darwin Affair - which will be available as a simultaneous use title from June 22 through July 13. No lines, no waiting!

Finally, #FridayReads: I make no promises. Perhaps the potentially rainy Sunday will find me completing one of my nightstand reads. In the meantime, I've downloaded the audio of Lincoln in the Bardo and am looking forward to revisiting that. Happy reading/listening!

*Queen of Segues.