RA for your Friday 4/3/20


Big news for Harry Potter fans! Right now on OverDrive, the first book in the series is available in print and audio as simultaneous use copies. No lines, No waiting! But wait - there's more! Did I mention it's available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, and more? Because it is. Tell your friends, tell your kids, tell your high school Spanish teacher, tell your Finnish conversation group, tell everyone!

Moving right along to other big news, which is that it's April! (Finally!) We've got picks from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Entertainment Weekly, Lit Hub, PopSugar, and The Millions. Meanwhile, all you genre fans can check out romance picks from SBTB, sci fi and fantasy from Tor and Gizmodo, mysteries from Goodreads, and of course, crime reads from CrimeReads.

Everyone's got a quarantine reading list this week, from this list of 100 reads from USA Today to this mood-themed list from Vox. (I see you, fellow mood-readers.) Bustle has a list of quarantine reads from authors, the What's Nonfiction blog has Nonfiction Reading for Locked Down times, CrimeReads knows you're looking for something great to stream right now, and Eater will make home cooks of us all

The RA for All blog reminds us that online staff picks are a great way to engage patrons while your building is closed:

"This is a wonderful activity to create a sense of everyone being in this together-- both among staff and between staff and the public. I would even try to encourage patrons to interact and add their own quarantine "reads" too. Post on social media or enable the comments on your websites. Then staff and patrons can try out the recommendations of others and maybe even engage in virtual conversations about the items they are enjoying. The more voices you include the more inclusive and diverse the lists will be. The more voices you include, the more varied the options. This will be a great way for all staff to share their interests and engage each other in conversation. People who barely interacted before may find they have something in common..."

For those of you missing sports, Paste has this list of 15 sports-related audiobooks to get you through.

For those of you whose ears need a breaking from listening to the news, check out this list of bookish podcasts from Book Riot. (And the line for Teen Creeps starts behind me. THAT PIKE FONT, THO)

All you Tiger King fans out there should check out these readalikes from the New York Public Library.

And remember, if you have any OverDrive requests, please let me know. We buy e-books and e-audio for children, teens, and adults, and we buy them every Tuesday.

Finally, #FridayReads: I'll be honest, I've read very little that isn't the news over the last three weeks. But hopefully I can get my head back to a reading-for-pleasure place next week when I'm on staycation. (And if not, I've still got that BritBox subscription.) Happy reading/listening/viewing!