RA for your Friday 3/20/20


First things first. This has been an unpredictable week that has moved at a whitewater pace, and I just want to congratulate everyone for their extraordinary grace under pressure. It's not easy to make decisions in the face of the unprecedented, but everything I've seen from our libraries has shown both a commitment to public health and a lightning-speed adaptability. Whether you're live-streaming your storytime or serving as a trusted source of online information, you're librarianing* at 110% and I'm honored to work with you.

You may or may not be buying print materials for your collection in the coming weeks, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about books - and it definitely doesn't mean you can't still provide RA service to patrons. For starters, you can let them know that they can access our OverDrive collection, which we will be significantly expanding in the coming weeks, thanks in part to contributions from member libraries.  If they don't have a library card, you can let them know that they can sign up for one online on the NCLS catalog page.

You can start a digital book club.

You can create an online book display.

You can offer readalikes for all the shows that people are binge-watching.

You can offer podcast recommendations for audiobook listeners.

You can encourage patrons to support indie bookstores.

You can keep up with new and upcoming books to promote online. The April IndieNext and LibraryReads lists are out, and USA Today has a list of 20 new spring books to look out for.

You can e-mail me your requests - we buy e-books and e-audio for children, teens, and adults, and we buy them every Tuesday.

Finally, #FridayReads: Full disclosure - I have been comfort-watching Father Brown every night. But I will say that the very last thing that arrived in the NCLS delivery for me was Deacon King Kong. I think I can give Netflix a rest tonight. Happy reading/listening/viewing/writing/baking/crafting/gaming/exercising, et. al. You're doing great.

*Interesting times call for interesting grammar.