RA for your Friday 12/14/18


Well, this is my last RA e-mail for the year; I'm on vacation the next two Fridays. I'm going to catch up on my reading, bake up a storm, and maybe even finish the quilt I started over the summer, which has been on my design wall for so long that I'm starting to think of it as interior design and not as the gift for a friend that it is supposed to be... But enough about my lack of hustle. Let's get to some bookish news!

In end of the year Best lists, we've got picks from Booklist, Book Riot, Flavorwire. For more best of 2018, check out Library Journal's Book Pulse from December 11 and December 12

Looking ahead, the January Library Reads list is out! Go ahead and print one out for yer corkboard. Also highlighting January picks is the Indie Next preview.

In readalike and/or display news, Book Riot is here with What to Read after Watching Dumplin' and Off the Shelf has Books to Binge After The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In fact, you could probably do an entire Netflix display based around "If You Liked...Then You'll Love..." and when you do, I hope you'll send me a picture.

Finally, #FridayReads. I'm hoping to take advantage of my impending days off to make a dent in some of the books around my house that I am starting to think of as interior design and not the gifts of literature that they are supposed to be... (And lo, a theme emerges.) In my earbuds, well, it's almost exclusively Christmas music this week. I regret nothing. See you back here in January. Happy reading/listening/holidays!