RA for your Friday 11/22/19


I'd like to start today with a quote from LeVar Burton, emcee of this year's National Book Awards, which were announced Wednesday night.

"...it is the stories that we tell each other that define who we are, why we're here, what our mission is in life. It is storytelling that holds our civilization together."

And what are libraries if not a place for stories? We read them aloud, we recommend them, we encourage people to write them. Libraries may be 'more than just books' (as people tend to say when describing all we offer in the 21st century), but also, books are more than just books. When we curate our library collections, we are helping to tell the ongoing story of our communities, of our world. Kind of awesome, right?

I could go on (and have, and will again), but right now we've got lists to cover. A bunch of 'em.

This week's most notable entry in the Best of 2019 category is from Library Journal! From crime fiction to cooking, from science fiction to science fact, from poetry to popular lit, this list is a great place to get a wide lens view on top reads from 2019. We've also got end of year lists from Oprah Magazine, Amazon, and Kirkus. If you're not already familiar with how Kirkus breaks up their lists, check out what the RA for All blog has to say on the subject: 

"They have the regular categories by genre...but it is the inclusion of non genre categories, ones that mimic what readers may actually ask for, and as a result, transcend genre, where the Kirkus best list is most useful. Categories like Most Memorable Fictional Families of 2019, Best 2019 Fiction to Get Your Book Club Talking, and Best 2019 Fiction Writers to Discover, are natural language options you can easily use to talk about best book options with patrons..."

The Indie Next preview for December is out, and we've got the Library Reads list as well! Go ahead and print one out for yer corkboard.

In nonfiction corner, the What's Nonfiction blog continues Nonfiction November with a look at mythbusting and favorite reads. (High fives, Home Cooking!)

In Netflix news, we've got reading lists for fans of Let It Snow, and for all you Crown bingers. (I say 'you' like I didn't watch season 3 in one day. In my defense, I also did laundry and baked a cake, so.)

Finally, #FridayReads: I've been on a bit of a nonfiction streak, with both Ghostland and Mudlark on my nightstand. In my earbuds is Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered, and I've pulled all my made for TV Christmas movies out of storage. Let's do this thing. Happy reading/listening/Hallmarking!