RA for your Friday 11/2/18


New month, new lists! Barnes and Noble takes a look at this month's Fiction and Thrillers; meanwhile, Lit Hub has 16 Books You Should Read this November, The Millions has their November Most Anticipated, and Booklist is putting a Spotlight on First Novels.

In genre news, CrimeReads has 10 Crime Novels You Should Read, SBTB has November's New Releases, and Tor has All the New Fantasy Books coming out this month.

And speaking of lists, we're in the home stretch of 2018, which means the end-of-year best books lists will - like snowflakes - be thick on the ground pretty soon. Here's the RA for All blog highlighting the Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2018 list and explaining why it's such a good tool for your RA toolbox:

"...Patrons will start coming in asking for "best books," not because they must read the current best books, but because best books lists are a way for them to filter out what books will be worth their limited reading time. So, if a book like Heavy isn't available right this minute, you can put the person on hold for that title but find them a book from last year's list (or the year before, or the year before that....) that is still "BEST" and it will probably be on the shelf. It is a win-win. It's a win for you as you can more easily help more patrons find a good read; it's a win for your collections as great backlist titles will get into the hands of readers; it's a win for patrons because they learn what a good resource the library is for their leisure reading needs."

For those of you who recently weeded out your business collections, check out this list of recently released business and career books from Barnes and Noble.

Finally, #FridayReads: No time to read this weekend - or this month! I'll be spending November trying to write 1,667 words of fiction every single day. Yes, I'm going to give National Novel Writing Month another try. I did this very fun creative writing exercise six years ago and completed a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Did it make sense? Not very much, no! But I finished it, and it was a hoot, and I'm gonna do it again. That being said, I can’t write while I drive, so on the road, I'll listen to Alice Isn’t Dead. Happy reading/listening/writing!