RA for your Friday 10/6/17


I want to lead off today by featuring a brand new book blog that came through my Twitter feed this week. You may recognize the author as one of our very own library directors, who kicks it off with tips for starting a book club - a perfect fit for October, which is National Reading Group Month!

In related news, The Booklist Reader shares the Women's National Book Association's annual list of 20 Great Group Reads.

And as long as we're talking about book club-related news, just a few reminders about Book Club in a Bag:

1. Please remember to count all the pieces (including the laminated questions) before you check the bag in or out. If something's missing, please contact NCLS.

2. Please don't let the bags sit on your holdshelf for more than one week - treat them just as you would any other held item.

3. Please don't remove the barcoded tag from the canvas bag!

In awards news, Kazuo Ishiguro has won the Nobel Prize in Literature, and the National Book Award shortlist has been anounced.

And finally, #FridayReads: Looking forward to getting my hands on The Last Ballad this weekend. Wiley Cash has been one of my favorites for a few years now, ever since I read A Land More Kind than Home on a train to DC. (Which is why we need more train travel in this country. So that I, personally, can get more reading in.) Happy long weekend reading!