Readers Advisory

RA for your Friday 8/2/19

I always say that books need to earn their shelf space, but if they're really earning it, they won't spend much time on the shelves at all. In other words, our work doesn't end once a book arrives all shiny and new - promoting the collection is just as important as making good purchasing decisions in the first place. Becky Spratford talks about this in a recent blog post - approaching RA and collection development with this philosophy:

RA for your Friday 7/19/19

As the mercury creeps closer toward temperatures that compel one to put an icepack behind one's neck, let's remember that there's a whole other way to send a shiver down one's spine - by reading horror. As Becky Spratford notes in LJ's genre spotlight:

RA for your Holiday!

Between the first of the month (new lists!) falling on a Monday and my Fourth of July holiday extending into Friday, I figured the best day for RA this week would be...Wednesday? Sure it would!


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