Annual Reports

Automated Library Reporting

The North Country Library System has done its best to streamline the annual reporting process for the automated libraries.  Most questions for Parts 1-10 of the NYS Annual Report can now be completed for automated libraries by pulling information from the NCLS web site.  The NCLS website stores much information about your library. Some of that information was created and entered into the site by our staff at NCLS.

Non-automated Library Reporting

Non-automated libraries have a few options for gathering and storing information until the NYS software, Bibliostat, is available for libraries to complete their reporting to the State.  Some libraries have chosen to enter their data through out the year using the Google Sheet for Non-Automated Libraries created by NCLS (this spreadsheet will not contain any new questions or numbering changes from DLD so pay close attention when entering this data into Bibliostat to make sure you are entering data into the correct category).  Other libraries have created their own spreadshe


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